December 2017 Swimsuit Lesson Book Distribution

Over three different school days, 10 members of the Fort Collins Eyeopeners Kiwanis Club joined local author Jon Holsten to pass out 250 copies of the Swimsuit Lesson book to first and second-grade students in Fort Collins.

Three schools participated in this special program: O’Dea, Dunn, and Timnath. The Swimsuit Lesson book is a resource that teaches kids what inappropriate touching is, and teaches kids that telling a parent or adult they trust if someone touches them is ok. The book also features a helpful resource guide for parents about how to use the book and teach their kids about the difficult topic.

Each presentation involved author Jon Holsten reading the book and then asking the students carefully phrased questions to ensure they understood the topic. As part of the presentation, kids in the classes get their own copy. With every presentation, kids ask their book is signed not only by Jon as the author but by the Kiwanians who attend the event.

In some instances, this is the first book students get to take home and keep. This project truly makes an impact on the Fort Collins community and changes kids lives. The Eyeopeners include a sticker on the back of each book that lets kids and parents know the book was donated by our club.