2017 Kiwanis Salvation Army Volunteers

During the month of December, the Eyeopeners Kiwanis Club enjoys assisting the Salvation Army with their holiday projects.  In 2017, our club was fortunate to help the Salvation Army on three separate occasions, sharing holiday cheer and goodwill with children and our community.

For several years, our club has helped the Salvation Army move toys into their facility to share with Children who need them. Early in December five of our members moved toys into the Salvation Army center for use throughout the month. The later in the month, five of our members and one of their daughters helped move the toys out of the center.

Mid-month, a variety of our members signed up for one-hour shifts as bell ringers. This annual tradition for our club is always a favorite for members, and this year several got into the holiday spirit with their outfits and accessories. We also had members of our CKI and Key Clubs volunteer for hour shifts. One Key Club member brought her grandfather to join her, a member of a Kiwanis Club in South Dakota!

In total, our volunteers raised over $700 for the Salvation Army.